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The Northlander was inspired by early railroad leather work jackets.  It is in the style of jackets made between 1910-1925. It is a nice, simple, long work jacket with big patch pockets and a cool shaped tobacco pocket on the chest.  All the buttons are replica 1920s buttons or old stock original 1930s buttons. The buttonholes are all done one at a time on an original Reece 101 gimped buttonholer machine and the buttons are sewn on by hand.

The leather is Italian Steerhide from the Santa Croce region of Italy.  It is fully vegetable tanned with natural barks.  The leather is milled to bring up the grain and lightly stuffed with oil to add a slight suppleness.  The finish is a spray aniline dye finish designed to come off a bit over time and show off the natural leather color underneath.  The leather will mold and tunnel up on the sleeves and other locations where there is action to create a distinct look for each jacket depending on who wears it and how often.   

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