Master-Piece Gloss Leather Shoulder Bag in Black


The main body material uses high -quality domestic raw skins, including the "3M" waterproofing material "Scotchgard®" for dyeing tyco, and a high waterproof effect is obtained by finishing the waterproofing material as a whole. , The effect is finished so that it lasts longer. The leather surface uses dyes and pigments to give a transparency, but after adjusting to a natural color and atmosphere, and then spraying a water -repellent agent on the surface to gain a higher waterproof effect. It will be waterproof, antifouling and oilproof leather that passed the monitoring test of "ScotchGARD®". The lining of the water stop zipper part placed on the front of the series is a specification that enhances water resistance by using a 3 -layer material. It is a standard model that can be used in business situations from everyday use.
Size W195 h360 d85mm
Weight About 660G

Waterproof cow leather (Scotchgard®)

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