Master-Piece Confi nylon shoulder bag Beige



The body is made of high-density satin twill with 70d warp and 210d weft. Highly durable 66 nylon is used for both the warp and weft threads, making it a tough material that is resistant to tearing and abrasion. In addition, it has a glossy and elegant look. By applying a 0.15mm thick P.V.C processing to the back surface, durability is further improved and the effect of preventing water penetration is achieved. The attached leather is smooth leather from the long-established tanner "MONFRINI PELLAMI S.R.L" located in Milan, Italy, which was founded in 1898. A semi-aniline chrome-tanned leather finish coated with roller machine and featuring mixed pigment with good colour development and a transparent dye in a full grain. The leather has a calm and matte look, but is characterized by its bright and elegant colour. It is a leather that is typical of Monfrini Perami, which makes leather with the fashion market in mind.

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