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The main body fabric is based on a high density cotton check fabric using a preceding dye stained at the time of yarn, and a 0.3 mm thick him P.V.V. C processing is performed by applying an embossing, high durability. Not only the waterproof performance can be expected. In addition, the multicolor use check pattern is also expressing tone down and settled color by processing. V. C process. The attached fabric uses specialized objects to nylon twill. The fabric is compressed by applying special processing to the 420D fabric on the vertical thread, and the fabric is compressed, and the density is raised to have a koshi. The accessory leather is dyed with a dye, and then the surface is finished with a pigment, and the strength of the surface is increased from the top, and the surface strength is also increased, and the look is finished in the last minute, and the last stead ( By putting a color on the top of the embossed unevenness), the shadow expresses the sense of depth as clear. A combination of classical check pattern and colored nylon is a characteristic all season model.

Made in Japan

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