Master-Piece Potential V2 Backpack Red



MASTERTEX-07 is an excellent original fabric comprised of two 210d 66 nylon yarns that have been woven horizontally and vertically for excellent durability, thereby meeting the quality and production standards of CORDURA.Waterproof processing on the surface of the fabric is achieved through the application of a 3 layer structure laminated with special moisture permeable waterproof film L-Vent® on the back side combined with laminated tricot nylon. Waterproof function with water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm.Leather parts comprise of a waterproof tanned leather and the material at the base is made of P.V.C processing 1680 d nylon with excellent water resistance. n the cushion of the shoulder harness, we adopted the temperature-regulating material Outlast® developed for NASA with an increased quality of mesh material than previous models.As it is the design point of the series, the buckle detail remains alongside sharpened and updated functional aspects of the material and storage.

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