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The main material is a collaboration material that combines INVISTA's strong CORDURA® Fabric and HONNYWELL's super fiber SPECTRA® (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). The base is CORDURA® yarn (vertical CORDURA® N210d × horizontal CORDURA® NP300d) with ripstop part 15 times stronger than iron, lighter and more durable than polyester, and SPECTRA® yarn 40% stronger than aramid fiber. The durability of CORDURA®, such as abrasion and tearing resistance has been further enhance. It is an original material finished with a luxurious melange material by using nylon x polyester thread for the weft thread. The attached material uses INVISTA's 1680d Cordura Ballistic® nylon, which has about 5 times the wear, tear strength and durability of normal nylon, and is further processed by PU processing to improve its strength. For the three-dimensional pocket, the surface of the cotton camouflage print fabric is coated with 0.4 mm thick colored PVC, and the surface is embossed and stained to give it a very deep look. The attached leather is made of high quality thick Australian vegetable tanned raw leather that is thoroughly impregnated with tannins from Mimosa Kepra. It features a beautiful and elegant surface with a semi-aniline finish that takes advantage of the dye and transparency. Not only can you remove the buckle of the three-dimensional pocket and put a plastic bottle in it, but you can also easily take it out by pulling the tape part. It is a master-piece series with high-spec fabrics, parts and military motif design.

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