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The Toxic Avenger Deformed Denim is a 14oz alternating twill denim woven in Japan with 100% organic cotton. The Toxic Avenger is an 80s B-movie turned cult classic. Its posters boast, “The first Super-Hero…from New Jersey!” Tale as old as time: 98-pounds of “solid nerd” is a janitor at a health club in Tromaville, New Jersey. Club members bully him constantly. In one stunt, they trick him into wearing a pink tutu, and he falls into toxic waste that deforms him and gives him superhuman size and strength. He keeps the tutu, takes his mop, fights crime and pollution, takes on the nickname “Toxie,” and saves Tromaville! This Deformed Denim alternates three different weaves to echo Toxie’s mutations: a right-hand twill, a left-hand twill, and a broken twill. Wild texture ripples through the fabric. The cotton is organic with a light green interior weft, so the Toxic Avenger will know he’s not alone in his fight against filth and injustice. Cut, sewn, built in Canada with contrast stitching, Toxie’s face embroidered on the back pocket, pink pocket bags – like his tutu – with a comic book screen print, a Natural Veg Tan with Black Foil Emboss leather patch, and metallic buttons and rivets. The Weird Guy is a standard tapered fit with a medium rise, a comfortable top block, and a taper from knee to hem.

  • 14oz Alternating Twill Japanese Denim
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in Canada

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