Porter Smoky 2 Way Rucksack Black


Made of the original CORDURA duck material woven of Zimbabwe cotton irregular yarns vertically and CORDURA nylon yarns horizontally. In light black color called “Sumiguro (ink black)”. Popular series offered in various items for business and casual use.
We used 1000 denier Zimbabwe cotton (organically grown in highland which locates over 1,500 meters high in Zimbabwe, all picked by hand. It has beautiful shine and is the highest quality in the world) irregular yarns vertically, and 1000 denier CORDURA nylon yarns horizontally to create a plain-woven material with high density.
The unique texture is created with natural cotton and artificial nylon with strength and shine. You will enjoy the fusion of high-tech and low-tech.
Size: W280 X H450 X D280 (mm)
Made in Japan

Collections: Bags, Porter

Category: Bag, Porter, Rucksack

Type: Bag

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