Weiss Watch Company

Weiss Watch Company is restoring prestige to American watchmaking. They design and build luxury timepieces with mechanical movements by hand in Los Angeles, California. Their practices merge historical techniques and modern technological advances, with every process perfected by a Swiss trained and certified American watchmaker. Weiss Watch Company strives to increase the percentage of domestic sourcing with each edition, and is the only company resurrecting industry practices that have not been active in the United States for well over a century.

Weiss Watch Company is currently the only watchmaker in the United States designing, engineering, and manufacturing their own cases and dials, as well as finishing each movement by hand. They create each of our timepieces to be a trusted heirloom that can be worn every day for generations. A symbol of American ingenuity and integrity, each of our editions purposefully surpasses historical standards, using higher quality materials that last longer with less scheduled maintenance.

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