• Iron Heart Denim at Mildblend Supply Co Chicago

    About Iron Heart (Works Inc)

    Shinichi Haraki established Works Inc (AKA The Works Inc, Japan) in 2003. After 20 years of working in the garment industry in Japan, beginning as a pattern maker for Edwin and advancing to designer and producer/director for the company, he decided to create a heavyweight Japanese clothing brand, aimed initially at the Japanese motorcycling community.

    Giles Padmore and Haraki san started working together in 2005. This close partnership and firm friendship, coupled with the increased focus on the market outside of Japan which Giles brought to the party, has generated a loyal following throughout the world. Our customers come from all walks of life, and many of them – but certainly not all – are bikers. The common factor is a love of ethically manufactured, beautiful and durable clothing.

    Iron Heart Clothing

    Iron Heart was originally made for bikers, and even today that focus guides design and construction of the clothing. Confident that the clothes appeal to a variety of owners, Haraki-san conceives of them to be worn by riders and for their preferences. Iron Heart garments are in the main made from heavyweight fabrics, designed to be durable, and to some extent protective for motor bikers. Iron Heart clothing is classic in materials and styling, using mostly flannels, denim and chambrays for shirts, and basing jackets on time tested military or riding favourites. Some designs – for example the 25oz XHS (extra heavy selvedge) denim jeans - are at the limit of what can actually be woven and sewn: “over-engineered is our starting point.”

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  • Red Wing Women's Heritage Collection

    RED WING SHOES was built on America’s great promise; if one worked hard enough, one could achieve anything. Since 1905, that work ethic has been poured into every cut and stitch that crafts a Red Wing boot. From the first boot to leave the factory floor, Red Wing has proudly stood not only for getting the job done but getting it done right. By combining the finest leathers and quality materials with uncompromising craftsmanship, Red Wing’s Heritage collection continues to build upon a legacy of usa-made excellence so the boots built tomorrow are as enduring as the boots built 100 years ago.

    RED WING SHOE COMPANY started making boots for women in
    the midst of the Roaring Twenties. These women were pioneers of their
    era, breaking free from the constraints of long skirts and corsets in favor
    of short hair, pants, and boots. Red Wing Shoe Company responded to
    these social changes by creating a collection of ladies’ boots that were
    specifically suited to the needs and activities of independent women
    of the time, using the same purpose-built craftsmanship and care
    found in their men’s shoes. 

    Today, women are breaking molds again by seeking products that hearken back to an era that valued quality over quantity, when shoes were crafted by hand and brands stood by their product after years of use. Red Wing Heritage Women’s Collection celebrates their legacy of building premium, iconic footwear for independent women.

  • Meet and Greet with Andrew of Freenote Cloth Thursday 16th 5-8pm.

    Freenote creates classic American menswear and honors tradition by manufacturing its collection exclusively in the United States. We source the finest materials and demand the highest level of craftsmanship so we can offer quality clothing that is made to last. We take our inspiration from authentic American culture and its timeless style icons. And we believe the best menswear is that which marries design and utility with contemporary, tailored fits.

    Brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick founded Freenote. Its headquarters are in the historic district of San Juan Capistrano, a town that embodies the rancho era of territorial California. It is the ideal home for Freenote, which embraces America’s rich heritage and its classic menswear.

  • Naked and Famous Denim

    Naked & Famous Denim uses only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan. The prestigious mills in Japan, from which they import all their fabric, are committed to producing only the best (and most expensive) denim in the world.

    Every pair of Naked & Famous Denim jeans are proudly and ethically Made in Canada. They also produce Made in Japan series of denim under MIJ. We are very proud to stock MIJ along with other special make up N&F denim at Mildblend Supply.

  • This Special Edition of Nudie Jeans are only available at our brick and mortar shop in Wicker Park Chicago

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