Introducing G-lab

Trekking the foothills of the Himalaya’s, searching for a Buddhist temple in Nepal, riding wild horses through the Patagonian grasslands? Sorry, not yet. But passing through Stockholm, Tokyo, or Vancouver? That‘s where you‘d rather find them.

Freedom and independence drive them and define their brand. To them, “adventure” doesn‘t mean expeditions to the North Pole or climbing the Kilimanjaro, but what you can experience everyday in the metropolis around the world. They are intrigued by people and their urban adventures. They are more often in Toronto, New York, Moscow than south of Cape Town, aren’t you?

They cherish their independence. In town in the morning and in the afternoon in the mountains or by the ocean, that’s quality of life for them. Creating something for people who live a non-linear, global-urban lifestyle, that’s exciting to them. Whether you are on your way to DJ in the latest Brazilian club, or on a shoot on location in London or just hitting the road on your Triumph motorcycle after a long day at the office,their jackets and coats are made so they fit the needs of your active lifestyle.

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