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Introducing the Aomidori Selvedge, the 12th edition in the Naked & Famous Denim Made in Japan collection. Deriving its name from the Japanese "Aomidori," meaning blue-green, this denim offers a stunning visual twist. At first glance, it resembles traditional indigo denim, yet it uniquely fades to a captivating greenish hue, thanks to an innovative dye technique.

There are two primary methods to achieve greencast denim: top dye and bottom dye. The top dye method involves adding a green tint after the indigo, giving the denim an initial green appearance. Conversely, the bottom dye technique, used for the Aomidori Selvedge, applies a green tint before the indigo rope dye process. This unique approach allows the denim to gradually reveal its greenish hue as it fades, setting it apart in both style and wear pattern.

Crafted with a robust 16oz weight, the denim is woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan. It remains unsanforized to retain its purest form, free from mechanical shrinkage processes, anti-skewing, or singeing. This preservation enhances the fabric’s texture, characterized by its pronounced vertical streakiness and the irregular sizes of its bumpy yarns, which fade at slightly different rates, adding depth and character to each pair.

To maintain its raw, textured appeal, the Aomidori Selvedge undergoes a tempi treatment. This process carefully shrinks the fabric while preserving its distinct characteristics, ensuring you can select your ideal fit from the start.

The jacket also boast a variety of expert finishing touches that contribute to its unique character: 100% iron buttons that develop a rust and patina, copper rivets that naturally oxidize, a premium sheepskin leather patch featuring the "Flower of Carnage" logo, and a selvedge placket. Additionally, a maple leaf embroidered on the front pocket adds a signature touch, encapsulating the heritage of the MIJ series.

Every element of the Aomidori Selvedge is meticulously crafted in Japan, showcasing the exceptional skill and attention to detail that goes into every step of the production process—from the dyeing of the yarns and the weaving of the fabric to the cutting and sewing of the final garment.

The Denim Jacket is a classic denim jacket cut to fit comfortably in the chest and arms with two chest flap pockets, two front slash pockets, and two large interior pockets.

  • 16oz Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Button Fly
  • Rinse-washed, Tempi-treated
  • Made in Japan

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